Rayat Shikshan Sanstha's

Mahatma Phule Arts, Science and Commerce College, Panvel

Post Box No 124, Karanjade Village, Taluka- Panvel, District-Raigad. (MS)- 410206

Accredited by NAAC at "A" grade with CGPA of 3.18

"Best College Award" by University of Mumbai
Recipient of Grant Under DBT Star College Scheme


Name of the Department History
About the Department Department of  History started with  Courses B.A.- History– 6 Units at U.G. level in 1970 .One of the oldest Department in the college.Well known and hard-working teachers.Personal  attention  towards students.Certificate Course  in  Travel and Tourism
Aims and Objectives
  • To help society develop a sense of their cultural heritage
  • Define, explore and explain major historical problems.
  • To encourage the student to study the glorious past of India.
  • To encourage the students to explore various methods of understanding History.
  • To acquire a knowledge and understanding of European and world history.
  • To give critical analysis of historical events.
Courses Offered UG  : B.A. Degree Course in History
Skill Based Short Term Courses :  Course in Travel and Touris
List of faculty Dr. Shinde Bhanudas D.
Dr. Pardeshi Sunil L.
Activities/Best Practices
  • Department  Best Practices
  •    Welcome Function for the New-Comers
  •    Fare-Well Function for the Senior students
  •    Celebration of Birthdays of  students
  •    Participation in various familial functions   
  •    Krutadnyata Nidhi – Donation of 1% of Total Salary per month.
  •    Karmaveer Jayanti Nidhi- Donation of one day salary for the said    purpose.
  •    Donation to Shantivan Kushtarog Nivaran Samiti, Shantivan-Nere
  •    Financial Assistance to the needy students
  •    Financial help to students and family members of staff .
  • Department Activities     Power-point Presentations, Classroom Seminars. Group Discussion, Question-Answer, Sessions Semester, Examination Remedial Teaching, Advanced and Weaker Students, Students’ Parent-teacher Scheme,. PARENTS’ MEETINGS, Departmental Library, Study Tours
Extension Activity Research, Preservation and Conservation of  Historical Monuments in Panvel city and Surrounding area.
Aims & Objectives
1.To raise public movement to preserve historical places
2.To undertake awareness programme for the people in panvel city area
3.To raise the funds for the repairing and decorum of Monuments.
4.To organize avenge lecturer series  for the students
Action Plan
  •    Creating awareness students about local historical events & historical writings among students.
  •    To preserve Historical monument in Panvel region.
  •    To establish museum of Shivaji  Maharaja
  •    To make MOU with Archival Dept. Mumbai.
  •    To undertake Minor and Major Research Projects of UGC
  •    To arrange International /National level Seminar
  •    Visit to Historical Places
Departmental Facilities  Learning Resources

1.Central Library
2.Departmental Library
3.L.C.D. Projector
4.Internet Facility
                                                                                                                                      Departmental Library      Central Library
Reference Books                  1396                           30
Text Books                         1961                            35
Journal                               02
Audio-Visual CDs and DVDs         15
Our Pride 1 Murbadkar Pratik  C.                       L.L.B
2 Patil   Rajendra  S.                         Company
3 Ughada  Pandurang  Changya           Techer
4 Patil  Sandesh Anna                        Company Dubai
5 Pokharkar  Atul Ramadas                 Company
6 Palande   Pravin Arun                      Company
7 Karande   Hemant Mohan                 Company
8 Thakare  Samadhan  Ambaji             Company
9 Mande   Neeta  Vilas                       Company
Consultancy of the Department
Aims & Objectives
1.To  provide guidance  to the interested tourists
2. To provide tour packages as per their needs.
3. To   inform the society regarding tourism business .
MoU of the Department   Columbus Travel Academy Panvel
1. Students Learns the social and political changes and enable the society accept the changes
2. He interprets cultural trends in history and propagate in the society
3.  He does the research by referring historical research methodology
4. Improve the craft of meaningful writing
5. Strengthen critical thinking and problem solving abilities
6. Develop communication and presentation skill
7. Learn the dynamics of analysis and interpretation through research
8. Engage in discussion about political social and economical connection between local national and global communities
1. Stuteds practiced values of truth, honesty, sincerity in their life.
2. He obeys the orders of elders and fallouts the dirarptine principle of discipline
3. He completes his work sincerely in time
4. He follies the rules and principles of religion
5. He shows the curiosity in Research
6. He demonstrate the qualities of Organizational, Leadership, Justice and creativity
7.  He applies the theories and principles in history in his life
8.He follows the cultural traditions and conventions to make life happy and delightful
1. He student interprets and analyze social, political and economical conditions of contemporary
2. Student identifies the problem by recalling historical events and find the solution on it.
3. He differentiates political power, social life, cultural principles and thoughts.
4. He makes planning of future with the help of post events to avoid prospective calamities.
1.Acquire knowledge about the historical profession.
2.Understand the intersections of race, gender, class, economy, military, religious and urban studies.
3.Knows the leadership qualities and administrative process.
4.Get the knowledge of various trends of thoughts changes in society.
5.Students is aware about changes in cultural trends and thoughts
6.He collects and records historical documents, arts and architectural information.
7.He defines organizational skills and evaluates critically views in history.