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  • Sep 04, 2017


  • Mar 09, 2018

    Degree Distribution Ceremony will be held on 12 March 2018 at 11:15 am.For more details click here

  • Mar 27, 2018
    आमच्या महाविद्यालयात  बुधवार दि.२८/०३/२०१८ रोजी सकाळी ठीक १०:०० वाजता  एकदिवसीय आंतरराष्ट्रीय चर्चासत्र मराठी विभागाने  आयोजित केले आहे, तरी सर्वांची उपस्थिती प्रार्थनीय आहे.अधिक माहितीसाठी येथे क्लिक करा
  • Oct 10, 2018
    गुणवंत माजी विद्यार्थी व हितचिंतक गौरव सोहळा गुरुवार दिनांक ११/१०/२०१८ रोजी सकाळी ठीक १०:३० वाजता.
  • Feb 23, 2019
    Ph.D Admission in Chemistry.Applications are invited for the Ph.D(Science) in the Subject of Chemistry.For more details click here
  • Jun 20, 2019
    Online Admission Information For First Year B.A, B.Com, B.Sc For Details Click Here

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Women Development Cell

Aims & Objectives :

  •   To prevent sexual harassment of female students, teaching, non-teaching women staff and to promote their general well-being.
  •   To provide appropriate working conditions in respect of work, leisure, health and hygiene.
  •   To provide guidelines for the Redressal Grievances related to Sexual harassment of female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff.
  •   To create social awareness about the problems of women and in particular regarding gender discrimination.
  •   To establish committees at the college level i.e College Women Development Cell and seeking participation of both male and female students taking part in the NCC, NSS and other activities for the prevention of Sexual harassment of women.
  •   To organize Seminars and Workshops for the creation of general awareness and for the orientation of students, teachers and non-teaching staff for their active and sustained participation in activities of WDC.
  •   To organize various training programmes and self employment schemes for the encouragement of self-reliance among women.
Committee Members:
•  President

Prin. Dr. Ganesh A.Thkur


Mrs. Dr.Patil Shreya R.

•  Teaching staff

1. Mr.P.K.Kshirsagar(Vice Prin.)

2. Mr. G.J.Korane(Vice Prin.)

•  Non-Teaching staff

1. Mrs. M. M. Bhatkar

•  Student members

1. Mahesh Ram Dombe

2. Nilam Babu Pawar

•  Member of women’s Organization Mrs. Chhaya Gowari
•  L. M. C. Member

1. Dr. A.D.Adhav

2. Mr. S.T. Kupekar

  Member Of Women Organization Mrs. Chhaya Gowari
•  Legal advisor

Adv. Leena Patil

•  NSS Programme Officer

Mr. R.K.Patil


  • WDC Inaugural Function: Chief Guest :Mrs. Gandhali Dinde(MCED, Govt. of Maharashtra) Arranged Workshop on Ayurvedic Fecial on dated 22nd August 2015.
  • Celebrating Rakshabandhan at Shantivan ,Nere on dated 29th August 2015.
  • Arranged Workshop on Tanav Mukta Anadi Jivanasathi Dyan Yog and Vyadhinusar Pranyog on dated 11th Sep 2015. Chief Guest : Dr. Krushnadev Giri, Gupta Varta Adhikari (CID),Govt. of Maharashtra)
  • Arranged workshop on “How to make Home made products” by WDC on dated 14th Sep. 2015.Chief Guest : Mrs. Gandhali Dinde(MCED, Maharashtra)
  • Celebrating “PRUTHVI JAL DIN” with the collaboration of Bharatiya Jal Sanskrutik Mandal on dated 23rd Sep 2015.
  • Women Development Cell in 2014-15 was inaugurated by organizing one day YuvaJagar workshop on 31st July 2014 for students. Lectures of following personalities were arranged:-

                  • Dr. Rajendra Kumbhar – Gender Equality   

                  • Mr. Sudarshan Ingale – Personality Development   

                  • Mr. Mahendra Naik- Andhashraddha Nirmulan

  • Students actively participated in ‘Sarv Jal Abhiyan’ organized by ‘Sakal Group’ and ‘Delivering Change Foundation’ on 28th August 2014 for awareness about Conservation of Water.
  • T.Y.B.Sc. Students performed a street play on    
  •                     • 'Jal Abhiyan' ’.
  • Karate training programme was organized for Girl students of the College on 9th and 10th December 2014, under the guidance of  Hon. Shihan Atul Bora.
  • On occasion of Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar Death Anniversary (6th December 2014), lectures on Hindu Code Bill were organized.
  •                     •  Dr. Leena Meshram
                        •  Smt. Mandakini Kadam
  • International Women’s Day was celebrated on 9th March 2015 by organizing lectures of Women Staff Members. The chief guest of the Programme was Mrs. UlkaDhuri, Cipla.
  • ‘Granth Vachan’ competition was organized for Girl students of College. The articles on Famous Women Personalities written by girl students in this Competition were published in the form of  books and inaugurated on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
  • Wall papers are frequently displayed on different occasions like:-
                   •  Independence Day,
                   •  Birth and Death Anniversaries of-Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil,Laxmibai Patil,
                   •  Annual Function,
                   •  Republic Day etc. on different topics to motivate the students.
  • These wall papers were bound together and ‘Tejaswini Souvenir’ was published on International Women’s Day.
  • ‘Haldi Kumkum’ programme was organized for Women Staff Members and wives of staff members on Laxmibai Patil Death Anniversary (20th March 2015).  
  • Various competitions were held on 16th December 2014 for the students like:-
                  •  Flower arrangement,
                  •  Salad decoration,
                  •  Rangoli,
                  •  Mehendi,
                  •  Drawing,
                  •  Poster making,
                  •  Cartooning etc.
Award & Achievements:
1  College has won the first prize of Government of Maharashtra for “JAGAR JANIVANCHA ABHIYAN” at district level and also at university level for the year 2013-14 and district level for the year 2014-15.